Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OMG Finished Half-Life:2

The review I did a month ago on Half-Life:2 does not do it justice.  It's been a month of stress and personal difficulty but through out it all the few hours in the evening I could spend being the bearded messiah of a physicist donning the horn rimmed glasses, HEV, and gravity gun have made these days and nights tolerable.  Gordon Freeman is my newest hero and the sheer fun, scares, and laughs I have had with this game will have me talking about Half-Life:2 as pretty much one of the best games I have played for quite some time.  This game has everything and more that I have experienced in first person shooters, adventure games, and most RPGs.  Last night it all came to an epic end and it was all very satisfying sending the maniacal Dr. Breen to the great dark beyond.  Though I can not wait to continue with Half-Life : Episodes 1 & 2 (and, yes, Half-Life) I have already started another trek through Half-Life: 2 just to make sure I did not miss smelling any roses while taking out Combined, zombies, and head-crabs.